Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

2 Servpro Technicians in protective gear

Mold Remediation in New Haven County

When our mold remediation specialists work at a home or business, they wear protective gear to protect themselves from exposure. 

Leaky Hot Water Tank Caused Mold Throughout Home

A homeowner called us in because her hot water tank leaked throughout her first floor. 

Upon inspection, not only did we find standing water, but visible mold growth throughout the main living area.  We immediately set-up containment and began removing damaged drywall, carpet and carpet padding.   

Next our construction team came in and restored her first floor to make it, “Like it never even happened.”

Is Mold Lurking In Your Home?

Mold could be lurking in your home.  While not always easy to find, here are common signs to help you identify the problem:

  • Musty, pungent odor.
  • Past floods create mold growth behind walls or under floors.
  • Persistent allergic reactions that seem to lessen when not home.

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Mold throughout Home

This homeowner had no idea that they had mold, until they smelled it!  By the time they smelled mold, it was so bad that we had to gut a portion of their home.  Should you suspect that you have mold, please call us immediately at 203-301-0500.

Mold on Ceiling

The cause of mold to this ceiling was due to a slow leak in a pipe.  Mold spores can travel throughout the air and attach itself to damp surfaces like sheetrock, ceiling tiles, wood and much more.   Therefore, when you see mold, it is important to contact a mold mitigation & restoration expert like SERVPRO of Milford-Orange-Stratford as soon as possible.

Mold in Basement

Mold becomes present within 24-48 hours if not treated immediately.  Above is a picture of mold found in the basement.  The cause was due to a previous flood, which was never mitigated properly.  Should you ever experience water in your basement, please call SERVPRO of Milford-Orange-Stratford immediately at 203-301-0500, so that we can properly dry out the space to help avoid mold.


Mold can spread quickly throughout your home in as little as 48 hours. If you suspect that your home or business has a mold, we can help by inspecting your property. If mold is found, we are the experts to remediate your mold infestation.

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